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ASAP Solutions' in association with 'BOMBAY KA SHANA aka Aslam Saiyad' is all set for a special Insight of Ramzan this year right here in Mumbai, at Mohammad Ali Road.

Purpose of the event is to understand fellow citizen's religion and culture.


Ramzan is a time to feel closer to God, Pray, spend time with loved ones, support charities and remember those less fortunate while they’re fasting.


Ramzan is often a community affair, with more people attending mosque in the evenings and coming together with friends and family for iftar.


​The ​event is little insight about Ramzan and your direct participation in the events at mosque at Iftaar time (Breaking Fast) and evening prayers, Magrib.


1. Meeting at Shalimar Restaurant, Group picture.
2. Sharing Instructions
3. A brief visit to a Masjid 
4. Breaking fast with  other people in mosque
5. Participating in group prayer (optional)  
6. After Magrib Namaz, Thank you and Dispersal 


Important points:
1. Wear full pants / no shorts
2. Carry cap or handkerchief to cover head
3. It's not photo walk, avoid clicking pictures 
4. Try to avoid carrying backpack / any other luggage 

The registration is free but compulsory, due to limited seats.

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Registration Form:

Registrations are not closed! See you next Year.

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